I make small batch herbal products from plants, fungi and lichen that are respectfully gathered and wildcrafted among my home, which includes the beautiful moss laden forests, sea and meadows of the Salish Sea. If not available locally, I source the herbs from businesses that I respect who honor sustainable and ethical practices. Most of my plant remedies and formulas are based on seasonal plants so the inventory of each product is limited.  As the seasons change so will the products. 


Being able to directly connect with the plants that are used in these formulas allows me to create herbal products that are done with the upmost care, intention and knowing of who the plant is. I use only the best quality ingredients, making sure that the plants I gather are not sprayed, near pollutants or are in ecologically sensitive areas. All the menstruums I use are organic, these are the solvents that extract the medicinal constituents from the herbs, eg. Cane Alcohol, Vinegar, Oil and Vegetable Glycerin. I believe in using only what I need for these medicines so make sure I never over harvest any plant, fungi or lichen.


All in balance.



All herbal remedies created by Rose Hip Botanicals have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration.  Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.  Please consult your qualified physician before consuming.



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